The Rhodes’ circa 1969, Tom, Sean, Jane, Phillipa & Jean.


Daughter Jane with Sean in 1967


We have been owned by Deerhounds since 1967! How did we come into this breed?

From a small girl Jean had always wanted a Deerhound after seeing a picture of one in “The Observers Book of Dogs”. That was it, hooked! However it was not until our marriage that her ambition was achieved when she managed to talk me into buying a puppy, I, only been used to whippets etc, had no idea at all what a Deerhound was or how big it would grow!

We purchased from a Mr Nutall at Edisford in 1967 an unregistered male (who we named Sean), he had no papers with him however subsequent research led us to believe that his dam was Andora of Edisford (Bosun of Geltsdale x Fanny of Ardkinglas)

Years later whilst on a family holiday in Scotland, we visited Miss Noble and she was of the opinion that Sean was a full Deerhound, and confirmed that she had in the past sold several Deerhounds to Mr Nutall Sean had a long and happy life with us and the children, travelling everywhere as one of the family, he died in 1978.

We had several other deerhounds over a period of time, showing only lightly due to family commitments. We then obtained our eventual foundation bitch Stranwith Sian of Gentom from Kay Barret in 1988 and the Gentom comes from a combination of Jean spelt as Gene and Tom and first used on the Border Terriers we kept and bred from the time of our marriage. In all the years we have kept deerhounds through its ups and downs we have never had any reason to change our mind from our original feelings. The look, size, coat, movement, and temperament are everything to us.


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